Monday, April 12, 2010

Large and small needle felt critters

Looks like someone has a bit of an attitude.....a wee bit smirky and full of himself or just stubborn and holding his ground ?
His large friend is actually one of my first critters redone . I added new eyes and some more appropriate colored fiber over the hideous wool I had originally a dark room .

Today I bought new storage containers and a vacuum as preparation for a major spring cleaning and reorganizing here . I have been psyching myself up for it by watching Hoarders on A&E and TLC . I highly recommend it for others who have "issues" with organizing and letting go of their treasures before they take over their lives . For me, the motivation is finding better places for my new felted friends while they await new homes. That means many of my coloectables will go into storage .

Happy felting and spring cleaning to all .
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  1. I love your critters ! The first one reminds me of my Dear Hubby after a temperamental discussion where I got the last word !!



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