Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New critters and bad photo experiments

Below are some of the braided art yarn necklaces I have been working on to sell with my bamboo pendants and alien seeds .

Most of the yarn was bought from Etsy spinners but some of it is from my friend Eileen who will be selling supplies for spinners soon . I'm working on several different designs...some braided, others with several different knotting styles, some just of fiber and others knotted around a core of thick leather strip . Some have a closure of felted wool and others will need hand made copper closures .
I don't like to add such bad pictures on my blog but I am trying to experiment with different backdrops and lighting and need to see what they look like on here rather then just in my Picasso . These were all taken around 5pm hen there is no natural light coming in the apartment . I am using one natural light bulb over head and two small photo lights . The result is lots of shadow and yellow cast light that is discoloring the natural tones of the wool . Alot of the detail of the sculpting is lost when the light is directly on the object, so I have one angled up and one down but will also try my photo tent soon and see how that works with the lights shinning through the outside .

About the bunny, he is made is a mix of realistic and a cartoon/fantasy style . I have noticed a lt of the artist I really like seem to land in one camp or the other but I am keep straddling both camps . He only took half as long to make as my merino animals because the batt I used was a mix of silk, merino and some slightly coarser wool . I also order some Romney this week because I need a break from fighting with the thinner, softer and harder to felt merino and alpaca . I still plan on using them for all my wet felting, some sculptures and as "accents" but.... 16 hours to make one sculpture is just nuts . I just can't figure out a way to sell something that takes that long to make . If you add the $3-5 an ounce for the wool the price is just going to be out of most peoples budget . (I hate thinking businessy but I need to try and not get myself in to deep a finance hole with this obsession .)
The animal? below is just a quick bit of fun . I started making another needle felt ball since my cats lose them under the couch as fast as I can make them...and started seeing a bit of a face in it so decided to make this guy . I attached the "ball" to a roll of mixed fibers batt and instead of adding the limbs from separate wool shapes, I just sort of "carved" a vague shape out of the batt using the needle as a kind of knife . Not a very detailed critter but it was kind of fun to try something new .

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