Saturday, November 21, 2009

Suggestions welcome in a felt shop name

I am still hunting for the most appropriate name for a new felting shop . A friend advised that the names that were in the title of my last post were a bit to "silly" to represent the things I make and I agree...I think they represent "ME" more then they do the things I plan on selling .

(Yes, I am a fuzz and fur fetishist who loves wearing fuzzy flannel jammies and touching anything soft and fuzzy). I think that represents the animals and alien landscapes but not the bags and scarves .......and there's the rub...(have no idea hat that means but I have seen it used in a similar context in some Shakespeare play.)

Where was I.......

That is an example of my problem.....constantly wandering off on tangents and to eclectic for one cohesive image. Thus, I spent the last 4 hours searching for name inspiration on the Internet . (I love and hate you mighty Google Images). Seeing as how my ADD?Aspie?brain often becomes a ping pong ball when trying to focus on an abstract problems . I did manage to find some interesting web sites that had little if anything to do with solving the problem of a name .

(The above link has some amazing photos that I plan on incorporating in some way in my felting . Nature is really to cool for words .)

My latest concept for a shop name was something to do with how felting is a form of alchemy turning loose wool into sculpture and wearable art . So I spent a few hours searching through Alchemy symbols...which have always fascinated me and specifically..."Full Metal Alchemist" because I happen to like that show . Found some cool symbols but it sort of bothered me that the process I use most often for felting is a needle...not chemical, so it would be a misnomer to call my felting "alchemy"...yes ?

Then I spent some time on the concept of "morphing sheep"... briefly getting lost searching "electric sheep "...which everyone wonders "Do Androids Dream of" these and pondering briefly choosing "eclectic sheep" which I think reflects my schizoid creativity that seems to prefer wandering different paths with no sense of direction or destination . ...."Lost sheep ?"

So...How fun is my you wish you could crawl into this cranium for a bit of rest<----(compete sarcasm.... which contrary to some Autism "Experts", Aspies not only understand but relish in....... except on the rare occassions when the sarcasm seems possible if not very when I first read Jonathon Swifts "A modest Proposal"

Where was I....

So, While my brain is ping ponging from alchemy to satire to Androids and electric sheep to aspergers...(took a little side trip there to read an aspie blog)....

Only read a few posts but seemed like some useful information .

That site led me to the Discovery web site which bounced me to the Nikon photo web site(already linked above ) computer only crashed once during all these leaps and bounding
before I landed back here to blog about....oh yea...a new name for my shop .

So now I am considering, (and would love any feed back).....

Eclectic Sheep
Androids Dreams of Electric(or Eclectic) Sheep....(acronym not useful for this one)
Wool Morphing
Sheep Morphing<---(which I found out is some computer term) Wool Alchemy (has the nicest sound to me but as I mentioned I'm not really using chemicals) Strange Wool...(OK< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_11">Grook Lost Sheep Found ???????(insert your brilliant choice here .

Any suggestions would be appreciated as I appear to be going off the rails again . Whatever the name, it needs to capture the diversity of what I like making....fuzzy weird critters, arty scarves and bags, alien items, aspie sensory toys . It also needs to have some sort of image/logo that is not to complicated for making tags .

My friend and mentor Jane mentioned that it should also attract/appeal to the crowd who would be most interested in the things I make but I my mind can not seem to grasp who those weird people might be ....(insert smiley face) .

Anyway....I could have tried to edit the above rambling into some kind of coherence but my brain crashed several hours ago .

One of the main reasons I felt is that it actually allows my brain to focus on one thing and that is so useful in quieting my cluttered cranium .

Before I go.... Below are a few more of the Christmas decorations I have been felting this week . Hang them on a tree, throw them in a bowl, toss them at the kids when they wont be quit, use them as Black Friday post shopping distress balls .....the skies the limit when it comes to felted balls . These are actually needle felted with merino and then I add some hand spun yarn I bought from Hobbledehoy on Etsy . She also has some great wool batts I have my eyes on but I'm trying to save a bit of money for next months rent ...(priorities, oh bother) .

This is another "Whatchamacallits"....I think it is what the original Unicorn looked like before he got a great PR person...but that is just a theory .
He still needs a bit of work on the lower chin and eyes but I'm putting him aside for a bit more Christmas ball making....brain needs respite .


  1. Ok Denise-- reposting publically so all can read my thoughts about finding a name for your Store:

    Personally, would like to see you choose a name that would reflect the high quality and artistry of your work. It could have some whimsy. Just thought the ones you had come up with so far really do not cover the range and depth of your work.

    Did a search for Etsy sellers with names starting with Felt --- whooo 15 pages. Not sure how to find all with felt somewhere in the shop name.

    My thought is that your work will appeal to the serious felt and animal softie collector and the person who wears hand made quality items. So a name to draw in a geeky crowd with dollars to spend.

    You are right though, IMHO, to search for just the right name for your shop. Something that will help set the tone and brand.

    Have you written up a goal or shop announcement? That might help too in figuring out a name that will cover what you want to sell.

    One of your strengths is Experimentation, Exploration;

    you create Felt Art, Things Felt, Felted Goods.......

    Take your time, get it just as you want it.

  2. Hmmm, how about "Things Felt by Denise"

  3. Thanks for the feedback Jane . I really appreciate it . I have a love hate relationship with the word "felt" because of it's association with really crappy feeling material used in grade school art projects so have decided to not put that in the name .

    I guess I figure my target buyer was someone as weird as me...but then again, most people as weird as me, are probably as poor as me and haven't the money for handmade items ?

    Maybe the problem is that my mom told me it was bad to brag about yourself and now I don't know how to sell myself ?

    Back to therapy ? lol

  4. Well, if the purpose is to attract the geeky crowd, I think Eclectic Sheep will work great - at least, all the F/SF fans with money to spend that I know of would appreciate it. And it's whimsical, like your brain. After all, the name should reflect you, as well as your product...

    For the logo, you could have a sheep with wool that is made up of spots of different colors, plaid, etc, and then maybe that star you love, a few other fun shapes, maybe a spiral on its butt, just for fun. Anyway, just a thought...

  5. Well geese Louise, Denise. It is after all YOUR shop. So exit the use of the word "felt" --

    If you like Wool Alchemy --- then go with that one. Focus not on chemicals but on Alchemy as transmutation -the changing of something of minimal value into something of great value.

    Wool Alchemy does have a mysterious appeal. Going with the "transmutation" aspect also covers the morphing -- and you can address and use those wonderful terms in your shop announcement and profile.

    And there certainly is a touch of magic in what happens between you and the wool.

    It also covers a wide range from the art collectibles to functional and beautiful wearables.

    Wool Alchemy --- yep sounds good to me.




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