Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fur Fetish Felts/Fuzz Frenzy Felts /Lambies jammies ?...

Last week off, I had every intention of listing items on Etsy with a friends assistance . ...and then my brain happened . I decided that I wanted a new store name . "Stars Apon Thars" was meant to reflect my original idea of making items our of recycled materials which is something that I have always done for myself but...then I got hooked on felting and can't seem to keep the needle out of my hand . So...before I can list, I needed to decide on a new name, new logo, new labels .

Now ? You really need to do that now, right before the Christmas listings....are you nuts ? Uhhhm, yep, but I'm also a master at self delusion and avoidance of things that are uncomfortably hard for listing items .

Enough of the psycho babble and on to some felting fun......

Instead of listing items, my friend and I jabbered and she shared some of the newly spun art yarn from a class she took . They were all cool but I loved the one with tons of angelica " (shiny), the best and decided to experiment with using it to make some Christmas decorations . I used some core wool to make a ball and then wrapped and needle felted the yarn over it . I also hope to use some of it to make braided necklaces for some of my bamboo pendants.

The felted jungle grows ....

This was actually another experiment that I have tried before but thought I would give another go at . It's a mouse/hamster....rodent 0f some sort that I made out of alpaca and then covered in several layers of some kind of fuzzy wool yarn which I then needle felted into place . It actually took all night and I wasted a lot of the detail once I added the yarn on top but it does feel soft and fuzzy and would make a good pocket pet .

(Baby got "back")
This is one of my larger sculptures and I worked about 16 hours felting him . I also tried another experiment using some acid free/permanent marker for the lips and nose to try and get a less fuzzy/shinier surface) but it didn't really give the effect I had hoped for and I will have to go over it with some black roving .
This is actually after the second night and before I firmed up the detailing . I never really know when to stop and I actually like that I can go back and make alterations if the mood strikes .
This was a huge gamble in my experimenting . I didn't really think it would work and was concerned about wasting about $16 in materials but I like the end result . I needle felted merino/Tencel and a bit of cobweb silk into some "slinky"(<----google this...really interesting material_, and then wet felted it . If you want a better idea of the texture and detailing you can click on the pictures and once they pop up, click again and it's like they are magnified....I love clicky technology : )
The end result is a highly textured new fabric .
One side is softer and covered by the wool (this is a spiral button I was thinking of adding) .
You can see the silk's a turquoise color and felted really well .
This shows the reverse side where the wool pushed through and puckered the slinky material into a pebbly texture . Once done, I realized that this is not the kind of scarf I would wear, as I prefer really soft, fuzzy and squishy . This has to much structure and texture for me but I do love the way the colors work together . I am considering cutting this up to make two purses and a wrist cuff .
This shows the contrast of the two sides.....woolly and pebbly .

I do think there is some potential here, even if not the one I had originally intended . I think this would a make some really cool reversable bags ....if I can work out the basic design and hand sew it ...... But it sure would be less work if someone would actually like it as a scarf ? (I wish I had abetter grasp of what normal people like . )

As an aside ...I never know if anyone reads this blog or is interested in tutorials but if at least 3 people respond saying they want to know how to make something like this, I promise to share .


  1. Hallo! I must say you are a hardworking Lady, and I like very much the guys you have make. "Baby" and the others. You have a good tast of colour and the eyes of your figurs are just adorable.

    I`m not a teknical felter, I just stabb and stabb, and woops, there is a figur :))

    Have a nice dag :))

  2. Oh Denise, duh. I looked and looked and could not figure out what store names you wanted me to vote on..... gesh,,, the choices are in the title. Uh, sorry, none of them appeal to me. Sorta prefer your subtitle turned into a shop name "The Felted Jungle" The others are too silly. JMHO Or something maybe like Oddly Felt.

  3. The hamster is darling!!

    I like the felted ball that looks like (surprise, surprise) a ball of yarn... I suppose that's the obsessive knitter in me?



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