Sunday, September 6, 2009

beaded needle felt cuff bracelets finally finished

I never would have thought myself ADD when I was younger because I could set for 12 hours straight and finish just about any book I picked up . However, since beginning my shop on Etsy, I soon learned that I am much better at "starting" then finishing projects .

These are cuffs I made several months ago of merino and merino/tencil and am only now getting around to adding closures and beading . Why....because I have a hard time with how slow the process is of getting out all the beading materials...deciding on a design, threading the silk thread on the needle, putting the beads on the copper wire and sewing it down . I do however, like the results, so I will try and endure .
I am trying several different sizes and closures for the cuffs . I know many women have problems with the tiny bracelets they often encounter...we are not all built like Kate Moss <--(replace name with whatever anorexic super model is currently popular...I don't keep up with this stuff) . I was originally going to use the antique buttons for these but didn't think they really fit the over all design so made individual needle felt balls for most of my cuffs . The "hooking" part is a stretch loop which allows for a few more inches of expansion and is very comfortable. It also has the advantage that it can be closed first and just slips right on . I also like the hook closure because it is hidden when worn and has a smoother look . This cuffs are not as wide or bold as my first ones but all are very firmly felted so that you wont have to worry about lose fiber pilling or catching on coat cuff when worn underneath something .
I am also playing around with using some of the turquoise and other beads to make my own "buttons" that will match the over all design . I use a copper wire and wrap it around bead , make a loop and sew it down .
A few of the cuffs I am leaving "bead free" and using some thinner pencil roving as the main design .
Here is some more of the lovely merino I used for the cuffs and bangle below . They are incredably soft and I love her warm colors . (Smokey Mountain Fiber on Etsy) . I have never been disappointed in anything I have ordered from her ....lovely stuff .
Lets see how long it takes me to put on closures and beads for these . I think it will be much easier now that I have re-organized my crafting supplies and can actually find what I need .


  1. WOW o WOW .... am really really drooling over these. Especially fond of the middle one in first photo.

    always enjoy reading your write up on feltmaking

  2. Hei :) Your bracelets and cuffs are wonderful. You must have a lot of work with these. I love your color elections :)))

  3. Thank you both . I'm hoping you can try them on when you are here Jane and let me know how they "feel" as that is just as important as how they look .



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