Friday, September 25, 2009

more lovely fiber and the Cyclopsia gang

I Love Fat Cat Knits ! Some more beautiful fiber arrived today...merino/bambo/silk blends . Will be challenging to wet felt but I'm really looking forward to using it . Such happy, rich colors she uses .

I just spent 5 hour and way to much money at the thrift store today...for me, that is like shooting a bag of pure heroin for someone else, and my brain is still in a fog but tomorro I hope to show the new machine I got there to try and turn into a wet felting machine....(or burn the house down trying ?) It's very old and I think is meant to feed in wet sheets to iron them ? It has a warm bar that presses the length of a rotating fabric wrapped cylandar . I was thinking I could figure out a way to wrap my wet felt around it and see what happens . Curious ?

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