Friday, July 29, 2011

My Music Store guitar toss and donation to Human Society...Claw charms

Above is my boyfriends home away from home . When I heard they were donating proceeds to the Human Society....<--(the awesome place we have gotten most of our best friends), I asked if I could donate a new felting projecting I had been working on this week . I call them good luck mojo charms...."good luck" in that unlike those creepy rabbits feet charms...these monster paws required no animal slaughter . Ok, these are still creepy but they don't smell like rotting flesh, so that's a selling point right there : )

They took about 3 hours each and I used my new hand made Femo claws, mohair, alpaca and wool. I only had time to do 10 before the fund raiser tomorrow . I also added swivel hooks so they could be used as key chains or hung from belt loops or purse straps but forgot to take pictures of them before my BF dropped them off . I'm hoping they find some use for them to raise money for Human Society because that is a place close to my heart . Not just because I have gotten all my wonderful cats there but because I am an "adopted reject" myself and love when some one is given a second chance at being loved . So head on down to the guitar store tomorrow or down to your own local human society and give 'til it feels good .


  1. What a cool idea!
    I must admit I think its vile that anyone would want a rabbit foot for luck.
    These are wicked & I'm sure lots of people will want them x



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