Saturday, July 16, 2011

Begining series of tutorials on needle felting (Introducation)

Above is a link to an artist I found just a few minutes ago . Their art is amazing and their tutorial puts the one I am going to attempt to shame . It's not about needle felting but working with sculpy type clays but their is a point to sharing it beyond just going to check out an amazing sculpture and that is that sculpting is sculpting, no matter what the medium you use . I think spending time looking at clay sculpting books and how artists use armatures, study underlying physiology and build up layers can be very useful in needle felting .

My first experience in sculpting was with clay and I loved everything about it except how it felt to touch...yuck . I also much prefer the tactile sensation and look of animal fiber because I love animals , especially fuzzy ones . There are some major differences in working with fiber verses clay and that is due to shrinkage of the material as you felt it . In my opinion that is one of the hardest things to figure out and I am still a long way from perfecting it .

That said, I am going to attempt to share what I have learned in the past 2 and a half year of playing with fiber . I'm hoping that you can over look the horrid picture quality of my step by step...(I only felt at night and have a cheap camera ) .

I'm not sure how many steps there will be but I will start with tools and materials and then have a step by step for the following feltie......
As with most if my animals, he is more "cartoon" then realistic . I seem to be attracted to over emphasizing features , perhaps a life long love of anima and stuffed animals ?

If anyone has an questions about something I may not have explained well , please feel free to ask . I really would love to see more people making their own furry friends . It's an amazing feeling when that lump of fiber starts coming to life under your needle .

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