Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ingeo felting fun...(.I love this stuff)

Above is my new "favorite"....(I know, it's wrong to have favorite kids but you know it happens) . He's very simple but I think it's the white Ingeo(corn fiber) that gives him such life to me . Looks like those ears might actually be capable of flight .

As usual, my lighting is atrocious and adding Picassa lighting just washes away the details but this guy is also felted with a mix of wool. alpaca and corn fiber detailing on inner arms and a huge fuzzy tail that reminds me of my kitties tail .

I have been a bad, bad blogger....promising to do a tutorial and spending my time felting instead . Sorry about that . It's just so hard for me to try and use words some days(weeks, months) and that has been the hold up....as well as an uncertainty if it will be of any help to anyone and thus worth the effort . I imagine that other bloggers go through those self doubts at times....the "why bothers" of doing something that takes so much time and energy . That never happens when it come to actually felting which is more like...."Just try and stop me , I can't wait to do this, do I really have to stop and eat?"

That said, I did say I was going to do it and I Am still going to give it a shot if for no other reason than to end the guilt of broken commitments . SO, sometime this week, I WILL make the effort though I can not guarantee the out come .

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  1. Ooo I love your new favourite! He has fabulous ears and a lovely face.. looks a real character!

    I go through self doubt too.. its not good. I am sure that your tutorial will be of great help and interest to many people!



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