Monday, July 11, 2011

Needle felt life size cat...MAX

As you can see above....making realistic animals is not my forte' . I think the fact that my white cat Max is so perfect, makes trying to create a facsimile, a project in futility way above my skill level . However, I am so in love with the way he often sleeps on his back with his arms and legs sticking up that I had to try to create this reminder .

It's been a 4 day, none stop felt-a-thon using wool base covered in white mohair and then "furred" with some corn fiber . I would like to eventually add more corn fiber fur but I ran out so will have to wait until I can afford some more .

As you can see, I made the face, ears and limbs a bit to large but I think he is Ok for a first attempt at a life size cat and I did learn a little more about what not to do next time . I'm not sure what my block is but there is something about cats faces that really challenges my brain . 

I really recommend giving corn fiber a shot in your needle felting . Nothing else I've used is as soft or pure white and as long as you felt it into a firm wool core, it felts nicely and adds some wonderful high light and texture .

Happy felting !

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