Sunday, July 24, 2011

Needle felt....... animals in the mist

Above are my latest needle felt friends . I thought I would try and take some pictures out side and ended up the victem of the freaky summer weather the US has had this summer . In MN , that has been non-stop rain and horrible heat . The result is a camera lens that fogs and gives my animals a bit of a spooky look .


  1. Piękne filcaczki i mgła na zdjęciach.

  2. I don't speak your language but really appreciate that you took the effort to comment : )

  3. I kind of like the misty look you've got going on here! These are so cool -- I'd like to know more about how they are done . . . so it looks like I need to read on!

  4. Hi Susan, a fellow MN freaky weather suffer . I plan on finishing my needle felt tutorial this week, hope to get others as addicted as I am so I have some one to talk about my obsession with :)



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