Thursday, September 9, 2010

productive week of dying and wet felting

This is a "do-over" of a felt animal I did when I first began...(.it had some pretty bad color choices) so I am glad that I now have some more natural fiber colors to use . As always ...he looks like a very disgruntled/crabby kid who has been told he had to go to bed before his show is over but...I still think he's kind of cute .
I'm really excited to be using my own dyed roving and I think it shows in the sheer productivity of my week . I just couldn't stop experimenting and made several scarves, table runners and items to be sewn into computer bags . My plan is to use some of my re-purposed leather, fur and vintage fabric that I have been collecting over the years to create small flaps, sides, handles and accents to the felt . I may also do a bit of beading if the mood strikes .
This is a blend of merino and mohair that will fit a lap-top with room for several extra items . I was thinking of adding pockets in the thick fleece or cotton lining . I do hate to sew but I plan on keeping it simple .
This picture is a bit brighter then real life as it's getting dark and I had to use my flash . It's a blend of deep pinkish orange with teal and green and some purple and yellow mohair curls....(Do you think I got a little carried away ? I see my felt as an aerial view of an alien landscape .
This would make a great table runner to put dark wood sculptures on or glass to catch all the color .
This is nuno felt of the last of my dyed silk gauze , The fiber I used is still a mystery as it wasn't what I ordered but I decided to use it anyway and it did felt but I think it's alpaca and maybe bunny wool (Cashmere?) because it is super soft and hairy . I think I need to take a brush to it to remove a but of the loser fiber but it has a good drape for a head or neck scarf .
This is the other side with a bit of merino splashes on top of the white mystery fiber . I really love how nunoing down the center of fabric creates a cool ruffle on the edges .
This is blue batt I ruined earlier this week by adding dark splothes on top . I ended needle felting abstract flowers <---(abstract is my term for when I can't draw something well). My co-worker asked if they were peaches ,lol. I rewet-felted this and the fiber is thick enough to be a table runner or a bag for a smaller lap top . My least favorite from the week but perhaps it will suit someone who likes peach/flowers .


  1. They look like flowers to me...

    Wow, you are on fire, woman!! I can't believe how much you are getting done.

    Are we planning to do that fiber show, or are we too late? You certainly are producing enough of a backstock!!

  2. I'm glad they are flowerish to you....As usual, I was felting without any reference pictures so I was just make them up as I went .

    I'll email you about the show, I still haven't registered but we can see if they still have openings and I DO have enough stuff to open my own store...stacked to the rafters here .



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