Monday, September 27, 2010

Nano tech...coming soon, to a store near you !

I'm not felting or dying . I'm sort of cleaning and organizing and sort of....spending to much time on the internet reading blogs and learning things I will probably forget before the day is over .

In one of these random google searches....for what, I don't even recall, I came across something I thought others might be interested in . Just in-case your getting bored with worrying about the same old things....

Nano technology is here and in current products ! I had already gotten used to the idea that I may be inadvertently eating "franken foods" =genetically modified food . I tried to block the anxiety this creates by telling myself that I am not going to give birth so I don't have to worry about altering the genetic make-up of one of my spawn . Yea, there is the whole probability that it leads to some unknown cancer and the unbalancing of our eco-system but we already screwed ourselves on those with the introduction of human made chemicals .

But nano technology is in a world of it's own on my anxiety scale . We are talking about something so small that it can't be seen by a microscope....right ? I mean smaller then the very germs and bacteria that many of these new products are meant to kill . A nano is really, really tiny . Next to a Nano, my skin pores probably look like a the grand canyon . So how do I know that one of these nano's might not  decide to climb into said pore and have a wander about . Perhaps accidentally falling into a river of blood and being swept up into my brain where it can set up a shop and sell mountain climbing equipment to other nanos ?

I'm not a science geek and admit I have a propensity to get paranoid about anything "new" . I didn't have a regular TV or a drivers license until I was in my late 20's, play any video games until almost 40 or get a computer until a few years ago . Those were good changes even if they came with their own problems, so I should over come my trepidation about "new" .

I still think that antibacterial products are setting us up to be vulnerable to disease that our bodies used to know how to combat . I have a general distrust of many things that can make someone money because my life experience seems to show that while money, (or the love of it), may not be the root of all sure can make some people do long term damage for short term gains . (The long term damage being to all of us and short term gain mostly involving them having their every greedy whim met).

So, if your interested in what you may be using that has these good or bad nanos in can check out

I think we have a right to know not only where the nano's are in our products but where the factories are that are creating the products  .  (This is how Godzilla got started....have we learned nothing in our rush to "betterize" mother nature ?) If nothing else, I see some interesting Sci-fi movies being made involving " Nanos Gone Wild" . You may think that this wont effect can just avoid those products but...what about the nano socks that are laundered in your Apt. washing machine......could lingering nanos hitch a ride onto your stuff . How about the nano factory washing their nanos down the drain into public water supplies....we can't even filter out all the relatively huge chemical elements, how are we going to filter out Nanos......(obviously with a nano water filter....they sell those now) .

Perhaps mother nature can balance our genetically modified food with our chemically modified
environment and our nano modified products and stir it all with some global warming to create the garden of Eden we all long for . Or perhaps I will just go back to felting so I don't have to think about it .

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  1. The fictional book Prey, by Michael Crichton, gives you a very creepy idea of what could go wrong with nano technology....I agree with you felting is a much more enjoyable thing to worry about...hmmm which color to use...if only life could be that easy.....



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