Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spinning the Web special order of animal colored merino for felting

Here is a sample of the gorgeous fiber that I recently ordered on Etsy from "Spinning The Web" .......... is going on vacation soon, so make sure you get your orders in soon or bookmark her for later . I think her fiber is wonderful in texture as well as color and I have been searching high and low for some good browns and grays . she did a great job of dying for me and the color variations gives the animals a much richer coloring .
I know I have posted this "utterly unottery otter" before, but wanted to show her what I have been doing with her wool . My BF says he looks like a Down Syndrome Otter but I think he turned out a bit panther faced . I obviously need to make the snout shorter and rounder...(see video of baby otter playing if you don't know what he was supposed to look like ) . I can't seem to make the video fit today....(arrggg computer challenged), but if you double click over the video it will take you to the full screen version on Utube .

I think the gray mouse turned out rather sweet and I spent a lot of time on his face to get more depth in the coloring but the picture doesn't seem to show that very well .
Blurry picture caused by battery dying in my camera.......(note to self...need AA batteries .) is it just me or do cameras seem to eat batteries?. My rechargeable batteries only last about 10 photoes and the cheapo batteries last only about 30 pics .

Below, are the whole clan so far using Spinning the web fiber .

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