Saturday, May 29, 2010

large and small needle felt friends and large wetfelt landscape

I have been felting but still need to reset up a better photo area . My winter photo area is so bright now that it is washing out my pictures . Just thought I would mention this for anyone else who doesn't use a photo box . As the seasons change , you might need to move items to a shadier or sunnier place to avoid this washed out look which tends to make items look one dimensional and sucks the life right out of them .
Although these are not...."cat and donkey", they are obviously from the same family tree but with my own bizarre genetic tweaking .
Here are two friends that are still missing their eyes....(couldn't find my eyes for a few days but found them last night so hope to add them and rephoto with better pics tomorrow . )

Below looks to me like an arial landscape. It was an experiment using some undyed/uncombed cleaned merino fiber topped with some combed dyed merino . I think it turned out really interesting so I will try and get a step by step demonstration tonight . I was trying to make some "dragon skin" to use in a wet to needle felt dragon project but hate to cut into it now. I think it would be an interesting table runner . I may just use it as a base for my animals to pose for photos . It's hard to see the texture here, but the fabric is really puffy and soft and not hard felted . I stopped before it got to hard because I had planned on cutting, piecing and needle felting it into a needle felt dragon shaped "base"......I will show that if I get the nerve to cut into this living skin but right now can not bear to cut it .

Happy felting .
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  1. WOW! the tall one with the white and gray muzzle has an amazing face, and forelock. All very cool.

  2. thanks god for the chance to enjoy so many good artical.........................................



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