Monday, May 10, 2010

Shepherds Harvest Festival 2010 with Wool Alchemy


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I'm still recovering from 2010 Shepherds Harvest wool festival . This is a rather over whelming experience for someone who usually lives more like a recluse then a social butterfly . Not only was it a challenge as far as sensory over load, auditory processing and executive function but I was trying to get ready while working an 80 hour overnight shift and fighting a cold .

That said, it was an amazing experience and I met so many cool people who seemed to share my love of color and texture . For some, it was their first exposure to needle felt sculpture and nuno felting and others were fellow crafters interested in sharing tips and hints on crafting with wool .

It was a great opportunity for me to share my enthusiasm for one of the most versatile and addictive craft materials I have ever used and I hope I convinced others to give it a try . Wool is good stuff . Biodegradable, nontoxic, renewable and helps family farms sustain themselves . The wool industry itself, as illustrated by Shepherds Harvest and other small community festivals, provides and opportunity for small crafters and home businesses...wool dyers, spinners, share their wares with others .

A special note to the wonderful people who purchased items from me.....

If you have any issues or questions about items you purchased, please feel free to contact me on . Just log in to Etsy and go look for my shops....woolalchemy or starsaponthars(re-purposed decotative items ). There is a function called "convo" which will notify me by email that someone is looking for me . (Technology is kind of cool when it doesn't leave me tearing my hair out ).

Both of my shops are empty at present but I hope to have items in them by the end of this month (May) . I have many items that never made it to SH due to lack of space, so you will see some new things as well . I am also very open to doing special orders if you basically like an items but would prefer it with a strap or out side pocket .

Anyway, businessy stuff aside, I had a great time at SH due to all the positive comments and encouragement of the folks who visited me there and just want to say thanks . You give me all the energy I need to keep poking the wool and making more wooly friends .

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