Thursday, October 2, 2008

second girl ready for make-up and listing on Etsy

Yeah .....had fun working on her this weekend. She is inspired by the Harajuku girls in Japan and
the movie Zoolander, "think.... derelique-sheek" . She was wrapped in a layer of "regular yarns"
then a top layer of wool yarn from Etsy . Her arm warmers are an earthy fleece decorated with an alien bracelet. Most of her clothing is wrapped, woven or knotted, not sewn and can't be removed. (We have something in common....Once we find an outfit we like, we stick with it .) She is wearing a velveteen hoody of deep purples with a hole in the top for her top knot...which is wrapped in fur and suede that matches her deep pink skirt. Her leopard print boots are fake fur and tied with some more matching suede strips. She's also wearing a necklace of amazonite chips and pearls and can be removed and worn by her new mom .

What I have yet to do...paint the eyes with eyeliner
paint Geisha lips
Leather soles on her boots
A little backpack(accessories...yeah!)
A small ipod necklace based on the one's I sell on Etsy
Mini-ipod of Femo clay (and cell phone ?)

Fun stuff ! Now, I just have to make myself take pictures and list her on Etsy...that's the part I dread . Anyone want to be my agent ?
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