Sunday, October 12, 2008

I've been working on these new girls this weekend. The book author wanted some girls with lighter weight clothing so I used more suede and leather rather then all fur . I still need to make boots for one of the girls and weapons for both of them and then can finally get some nice out door photos . I think I would also to add a black strip across their eyes and more natural color on the lips, (I don't think the blue clay/dye would last long on lips .) I would also like to add some stone necklaces for both of them and a bit of paint to decorate the dresses . I was thinking of paw prints and hand prints along with my favorite....spirals . I love spirals for some reason. The most challenging part will be the weapons . I would probably prefer carving them but am going to try and use Femo to look like the woolly mammoth and other animal bones they would have probably used .

One thing I am using some "artistic license" with is the use of wool yarn for their hair and other decorations. I know there hasn't been evidence that they had access to fiber spinning, but I think some people would have collected the shedding wool from the mammoths and used it to make simple fiber . I think the lack of evidence maybe just because it is more likely to have deteriated over time . Well, that's my rationel for using something that I just think looks so cool,lol. I did try and stick with the organic looking wool I bought on Etsy .
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  1. Sounds good to me. Really like the patchy-pieced look of the one dress. And love the headwraps and hair dos.



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