Saturday, October 11, 2008

Finally finished the package for the charity auction . You can find more informatoin about it here.......

It;s a very good cause to help raise a little money for medical expenssives...we all know how they add up. I am sending a few of my bamboo pendants with some swarovski crystals and other "shinny stones" . The little animals are my "pillow buddies" created to improve breathing and assist sleep . They are filled with Eucalyptus leaves, French Lavender, rice and flax seed . The light blue "things" are minky with a winter pattern and can either be warmed and placed on forehead for sinus headaches or kept in a plastic bag in the freezer for migraines or swelling . These are filled with the same mix as the animals but more lavender and less eucalyptus . The brightly colored "thing" is three hair braids of "art yarns" attached to leather which is sewn to a french beret .

All that is left is to write little notes of explanation for the items and force myself to the post office . If there is room in the box I will probably find some "odds and ends" crafts that I haven't managed to list in my store yet. I think I make about 10 items for every one I actually list.....I hate listing. (I am a bad capitalist ...then a gain, they don't seem to be doing such a great job lately .)

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