Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Wool from Detta's Spindle

I just turned 48 a few days ago and with generous birthday money gifts from my parents and my Mother in Law I got to stock up on more felting supplies . Above and below are some of the wools I bought from Detta's Spindle . After a year of buying form her on-line, I actually got the privilege of meeting her and her beautiful Standard Poodles and handpicking some of the "animal fur colored" wools . If you click on the pictures, you might be able to read what kind of wool is which but it is mostly colonial and merino with a bit of coopworth and a lovely alpaca/silk blend

I highly recommend her Mill Ends and other fibers as I have always found them a great quality for the price . Thanks again , Detta for sharing you dogs, wool and hospitality .

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  1. Hiya, just wishing you a belated 'Happy Birthday' .. hope you had fun!

  2. Thanks, I had a great time picking through wool : )



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