Friday, October 14, 2011

Needle sculpted sounds better then needle felted...more critters

 I know my health issues have limited my blogging but it hasn't discouraged me from felting animals . Since last I blogged, I have created 4 more large critters and three small ones . I also worked on several old sculptures and made minor improvements though I doubt the changes would be noticeable to the casual observer .  The above critter is mostly merino blends with some corn fiber fluff on the tail, chest and ears .
 As usual, my cat Balhoo decided to get in on the photo shoot . He really is an attention hog .
 I also finally bought a white back ground  for taking block out the distracting clutter of my apartment and hopefully make more professional pictures for listing on Etsy . It turned out to be to big for the table I used today but hopefully I can get a bigger table cleared off soon .
 Most of my animals this past month have had similar wool and coloring but each is a bit different in shape and have unique personalities and expressions . Unfortunately, my "facial expression vocabulary" is still a bit on the dark side . Some where between "homocidal lunatic" to "snarky know it all" and "oops, missed my Prozac" .  I have an uncomfortable theory that these may actually be the same expressions that people see on my own face...and probably why I repel people .
 Instead of using a chicken egg for size reference, I am using one of my own felted eggs .
 Although this guy is the "snarky" one, he is also my favorite .

 The last three are many little critters....about 3-4" .
 The new cat arm chair is still very popular . When they aren't fighting over who gets to use it. they occasionally manage to share . While having a black cat and a white cat may make picking a  clothing color that hides cat hair impossible, it does add a nice "yin and yang" balance to the decor .

I'm going for a sleep apnea test next week, to rule out (or in), one possible cause of my current narcoleptic existence . In the mean time....

Happy felting to all .


  1. Masz piękne koty w moich dwóch ulubionych kolorach. Filcaki piękne i wypracowane, jak to zawsze u Ciebie. Koty mają się o co ogrzewać. Niestety mój kotek Gizmo już nie.

  2. These "needle sculpted" (it does sound better) creatures are fabulous!

    I also think your real critters look adorable and very comfortable on their new chair!!



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