Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby Chupacabra has no spikes !

Well, that's what my BF said when he saw my latest felted critter . After googeling images of Chupacabra,  I can see that mine is not nearly ferocious enough looking .I'm considering adding fangs and spines but right now this guy looks more like he would cuddle up to a goat, not suck it's blood . This is actually another do-over of one of my first felts.I think it illustrates how you can "save" a poorly done sculpture by felting over it .

Other then the raised paw, there is little left of the original design . I removed the eyes and covered over the base sculpture with some much better wool . Luckily, many of my first critters were not felted stone hard so are easier to felt over . Here are a few more pictures of the end result....(I'm practicing some photography so pardon the extra pics but I wanted to see what they look like off Picasa .....

Something else new for me, but barely noticeable in these pictures, is a needle that I purchased from Woolgatherings , It has reverse barbs on it that pulls the fiber out and gives a fuzzy halo to the firmly felted surface , (it only works if you felt things firmly). My results were mixed as it's a new tool for me but it does give a softer feel to the surface but the hairs are pretty short, at least with the Merino I use .

My second do-over for the week is another that is barely recognizable from the original ......

This is the original cartoonish dog with some very weird proportions and here are several shots of my Chewbaca type puppy do-over with some lovely alpaca and silk fur felted in ......

I've always been bad at making realistic animals but this guy almost look like a real dog to me (with just a pinch of a pink nosed Chewbaca thrown in . )

It;s been a slow week of felting with only these two guys being completed but  I'm enjoying doing the felt "do-overs", it's fun watching something transform .

Happy fall and felting to all

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