Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wet felting with silk caps and hankies

The above are different shots of my latest nuno felt scarf/cape . Fall doesn't feel very far away now, so I wanted to work on wet felting again . The above has a hand dyed chiffon silk base with a layer of black merino and topped with some silk bell caps and hankies . Lots of color and texture going on ,hopefully not to much .

I also worked on three different pieces with black merino and silk caps . I had been wanting to do this since last spring when I went on wet felting break and with fall in the air, seemed like a good time to try it . I will defiantly be making more of these as I love the black roving coming through the random colors of silk hankies . All three are felted to different hardness, the softest will make a nice fluffy scarf and the other two will be sewn into small bags .

One side has the silk hankies and the other is some BFL roving in blue/green that I bought on Etsy .

The above is a nice thick fabric using merino sprinkled with blue alpaca "seconds" . Seconds are the thicker, less desirable cuts that feel a bit like mohair to me . I wouldn't personally wear them but they add a lot of texture for things like bags or table runners .

I also did 2 needle felt is a small dog sitting in a new position for me ,leaning on a paw.

He is mostly merino with a mohair tuft of a tail .

My second feltie is in honor of the Felt United day which specified colors in red, blue and purple but allows for 3% "other" (which is the pink I used for the nose) . The blue is actually more teal, at least it seems to me that the purple brings out the green tones, I hope it's exceptable . 

So that was my week and my thoughts are with those on the east coast, hoping they are all safe from Irene ....Good night Irene !

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