Monday, August 8, 2011

latest three needle felt animals

I didn't needle felt that egg...I just added it to give a little size perspective on the animals I make . I know a lot of felters make miniatures but I can't afford the band-aids...(finger pokes) . The above are the "usual sizes I tend to make though I've done a few twice the size of the largest here .

The above is mostly different blends of merino and alpaca with a corn fiber "puff" on his tail . I wanted to make a sculpture that had a bit more of an angular movement to it . I think one of the nice things about needle felting is that it is much easier to make an animal in a non-symmetrical body position then when you are designing a sewn animal pattern . In this way, it is much more like sculpting with clay .

This guys one of my favorites . At least he looks cute to me and not psychopathic as some of my felties . He is a mix of wool and mohair with fluffy white corn fiber covering everything but the snout and arms .

Maybe you have noticed, I seem to be developing my own "style"...despite the diversity of my animals, I think they are starting to have some consistency which is fine as long as I don't get stuck in a rut . So far, there is still enough differences that I am not bored .

Back to to tutorial tonight,( hopefully) and then I can't felt again with out guilt .


  1. Najbardziej intrygują mnie długie włoski w jakie przyoblekasz swoje stworki. Są fenomenalne.

  2. They are all mazing - but the expression on the first one's face ticked me pink! Kind of reminds me of Alan Rickman (in a good way - I adore Alan)



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