Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm so tired I want to cry............

I have felt like I was swimming underwater for the past few months...under water with concrete weights on my arms and legs and a bag over my head . I have considered going to the DR but even if I could afford it....they seem to be trained to respond to all female complaints ..."it's probably depression or maybe stress" . If I smoked or was "over weight" they would probably say that was the cause . What happened to Dr actually running tests ?  So....I keep felting when I am actually able to stay awake and hope that what ever this is clears up or kills me because I am soooo tired of being tired .

I'm not sure why, but my animals have been showing a bit of teeth lately.  I think it is my attempt to get them to smile, and like me, forced smiles do tend to look like your ready to bite someone rather then an actual smile .
 Other news.....I made an attempt to sew up some bags with the wet felt fabric I made last year . The design couldn't be any simpler but is still a challenge for my limited sewing skill, especially adding a lining .

 I found this tiny arm chair on the curb with a "free" sign and decided to chance any possible infestations.....seems OK so far and the cats love it .


  1. Love the little chair and your wet felted bags look great! Don't forget that one of the HUGE advantages of felt is it doesn't need to be lined, at least that always cheers me up as I just hate sewing!!!

  2. oh I know that tired feeling well. The strain of just attempting to keep going but what else can we do? needle felting is such a help though. If you can do go to your doctor. I see mine on a regular basis and she's very understanding. I suffer post traumatic stress disorder and as a result I deal with things differently maybe talking to one with different ideas may help.
    Love the felties you've made.

  3. How beautiful your little creatures are (the kitties as well as the felt creations).

  4. Great creatures! Their faces are really good made. They are all very good handcraft and interesting. Regards Senna



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