Friday, October 29, 2010

Silk Bells in Nuno felting and ruffles with out using resists

 The above are three new nuno felt scarves using silk gauze "inserts" and turquoise dyed silk bell caps . I am in love with the weird texture of the silk bells as they give so much softness and shine to the wool . They are a bit tricky to work with as separating the thin layers of silk from the bell caps and laying them down on the whisps of wool fiber ......well, lets just say that silk does not always cooperate .
 I think the end result makes it worth the effort though as the shine and texture makes a contrast on the wool .
 Apologies for the pictures as some were taken with a flash. If you click on them you can get a better idea of the detail . I still have not found a good way to photograph in my dimly lit apartment when the Minnesota weather is over cast .
 I have been working with my own dyed silk and wool and am still not over spring colors but I did dye some new fibers last night that are a bit deeper and richer for winter wear . Unfortuantley I don't have any matching silk dyed up so will have to mix lighter silk and dark wool colors and just see what happens . Hopefully will find a nice counter balance .
I found a better way to do the double ruffle with out using a resist so will try and do a tutorial of that tonight ....if I remember to bring the camera .

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