Sunday, October 17, 2010

Needle felt Dr. Seusse Key chain "widgits" and more fiber dying

These are slightly larger version of the abstract needle felt sculptures that I have been making for decorative pins . I think they have a Dr. Seusse feel to them . I have been experimenting with the different colors the I dyed to see how they look together when felted . I think needle felting them is a good way to make a sort of "sampler" for when you begin to do your wet felting....which I hope to do tonight .

Below are some more items I recently bought from Dettas Spindle . There is some beautiful mohair and Merino roving blend as well as a couple silk bells . I also dyed a bit of silk gauze for nuno felting that I bought from Dharma .

As you can see, I'm refusing to give into the impending winter colors .

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  1. KREX..if you are still interested in the blue snakes the shipping would be $15.00

  2. Love the colors - good for chasing away the Winter Blues before they even get here!



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