Thursday, June 4, 2009

Graduation day and everything you need to know about needle felting needles

My Bf's son is graduating today and I need to decide if I am able to cope with screaming teenagers, crowds and wearing something nicer then my usual attire of Pj's. I had grand ambitions of getting out of the house today and taking some pictures for Etsy keeps happening .

On a completely different note, I found an interesting site about felting needles . I knew little about them when I started and this chart would have been very helpful in deciding which to use for what kind of fiber . Actually, I didn't know there was more then one kind of fiber when I began and assumed it all felt like Romeny...a bit scratchy and stiff...until I bought my first feather soft alpaca and merino . I still think the Romney felts easier and gives nicely defined details but nothing beats merino and alpaca for touch, so I do like adding it on top of the romney base .

Here's the link about needles .......

As usual, that link lead to another link while I was looking for places to buy needles and I ended up buying some funky yarn instead......It's called baby monkey, (no monkeys were harmed in the making of this yarn.....or so they claim) . I found it under their 70% off area...always a sucker for "good deal" and will have to figure out what I want to do with it later . May actually have to learn to knit but also thought I would try and use it for felting animal "fur" into the Romney . It is synthetic but I think it will root into the solidly felted Romney and I love to experiment .
Here's the link for some great yarns....

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