Tuesday, June 9, 2009

first wire armatur giant and "bunny-cat"

I have no idea "what" he is but he sure was a challenge to make . This was my first attempt to use a wire armature inside and I bought some large gage copper wire at Axman for this project . This does allow him to hold a posture..sort of...but it was not worth the extra time it took slow my poking down to avoid breaking a needle on the internal wire . He is about 2 feet tall, and though thin, that is a lot of poking . I wont say I will never use wire again but it sure isn't going to be a staple in my sculptures . One of the things I like about needle felting is that even with out wires, the arms and legs of the large animals, can still be moved around, even though they wont hold the pose . This makes them more like cloth dolls then actually hard stuffed an sewn animals.

The paws aren't anatomically perfect, but I thought they were cute . It's one of my favorite things about animals is their sweet little paws . Unfortunately, my cats were not all that thrilled with my attempts to get a better view of their paw pads but I did have some pics of bunny paws from a bunny I use to have .

I was really hoping that this would be the week I go go outside and get some decent pictures of my needle felting to list on Etsy.....and then life happened..again . About 4 days of cloudy, rainy weather, continued problems with my neck and a strong desire to do nothing but sleep, I think it's time to go get my thyroid checked again as I am always tired when it gets to low .

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