Monday, June 1, 2009

A cat, A bat, A rat and a scarf that should be a hat ?

The above is my first attempt to needle felt a scarf from wool without using a backing of wool fabric . It's about 3 foot long and 18 inches wide and took forever to needle, even using the 8 needle tool . It does feel spongy, soft and warm but not very scarfy . I may try and wet felt it into a hat .
A cat, bat and rat ? I don't really know what I am making most of the time, just something I think is interesting and or cute . I have been practicing doing a few minatures but I still find it very difficult to do without poking my fingers a million times .
This little "whatever he is" is hanging out in the trolls home , (he's sleeping right now, maybe get a picture of him later ) .
This is punk-rock bat boy in biker boots . I plan on decking him out in some chains,studs and piercings before I list him on Etsy .
Not a great picture because the light is behind him but did think it looked kind of cool coming through his wings .
This "cat" (or dog ???), started as a ninja but I liked his face to much to cover it up with a mask . I still need to give him some legs and paws, ears and tails but thought I would show him off anyway . He reminds me a bit of the "big eyed" art from the seventies that my bf collects .

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  1. Oh my, am really liking these. Especially the evolving creature be it cat or dog. The pink nose is so detailed and so right, great character to the face, wonderful expressive eyes.



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