Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good bye Grasshopper

This Tv show had a large influence on me as a kid . It was one of the first to expose me to a philosophy that made more sense to me then the American culture that I did not seem to fit in or understand . I loved the graceful way he moved and his desire to help the under-dog . I related to his loneliness and longed for the calm way he reacted to the world . I love the clothes he wore in the show.... beautiful, earthy and soft looking suede . There was a sense of calm about him that I hoped would some day replace my own spastic anxiety, (that never happened), but it was nice to believe that such a thing was possible . The show, was the first to spark my interest and respect for Eastern religion, yoga, martial arts opened my world to "other" .

I never became...Kung Fu "like" , any more then I became Jesus, Doc Savage, Pippi Long Stockings, Annie Oakley or the other idols of my youth . But each of them gave me something to inspire me and taught a few lessons along the way .

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