Friday, January 30, 2009

Last and least...(or at least my poorest photos and non needle felted for the most part .

The first is a quilted bag I made as a laptop bag, I repurposed an old quilt for this because I thought the fabric was so...shiny and a shame to waste . it's lined with some really soft grey fleece, so has nice protection for a computer .

This is two hard to show without someone to model it(and I am to shy)...but it actually looks really cool as a neck wrap . A repurposed fake fur coat and lined it with a deep plum fleece . Still need to add the wooden button . It has two pockets in it for phone and Ipod, so practical as well as funky and warm .

This third item is going to a friend who I thought would be bed ridden after getting out of the hospital but I think is already up and doing calisthenics. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled at her recovery but had hoped she would get some use out of this "lap robe" with pockets for her book, glasses, chocolate and other necessitates when stuck in bed all day . Perhaps she can tuck the top edge between her two mattresses and use the pockets for extra storage ?

The last is the purse I made with the flap that has pockets on it...this is what it looks like when you tuck the flap in and button the felt button.
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