Friday, January 30, 2009

Gosh, wondering where I've been for the past month ? Well, meet my new obsession...needle felting . I found something that combines color and texture with sculpting and animal fiber....all the things I love . I had intended on just learning enough to make a sculpture of my favorite Pyrenees mountain dog...Andra(I miss you Andra !!!) Instead, I find myself thinking about what I can felt next...purses, scarves, mittens and pendants have all been done...I think my next project is felting an old furbie and I just ordered some beautiful fiber from three Etsy sellers, (links to their stores coming soon).

Before I forget...the above is going to be the front panel of a purse . It is a very melancholy scene . A polar bear at sunset, watching the ice-cap melt . He believes in global warming no matter what Rush LameO says, (actually he is to smart to listen to talk radio .)
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