Friday, January 30, 2009

Anothertwo purses made of wet felted(fulled?) sweaters that are then needle felted . My sewing is almost embarrassingly poor, very sturdy and mostly hand sewn but my stitching is not very even . The flap on the first one is actually not meant to be centered(honest) because I sewed in a cell phone pocket that I wanted some one to be able to get to easily, without opening the purse . Does look a bit "funky" but seemed like a good idea at the time .

The second bag is made so the flap itself has two pockets that can be either in or out of the bag depending on taste and desire for convenient access vs security . There are also two pockets sewn onto the handle for smaller items,like lip gloss, change, sunglasses. I didn't take pictures of the insides yet but the first one is a "fake?" suede with several large pockets and two smaller pouches that you can access without opening the bag...the second bag has no internal pockets(unless you put the flap inside) but has a beautiful Batik' quilting inside and a hand sewn suede bottom added .

One of these days I will learn to use a purse pattern instead of "inventing it" as I go along .
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