Saturday, May 5, 2012

Large needle felt animals with clay claws

 Just a quick post . Someone asked for a picture of me and I wasn't sure I could add an email attachment so I have put a rare picture of myself on here . I have never liked the way I looked and age has certainly not improved my self image , so I am hoping my critters add a bit of distraction .

I finally finished the clay claws for the North American badger and added some to the "critter" I worked on this week . Pathetic, I only made one animal all week ! I am slipping . He is a bigger then my cats and although the flash and rainy day photos do not show much of his detail, I think he has a sweet look  . He has a nice shaggy coat of alpaca with bamboo fiber back legs . I'm not thrilled with the "black" bamboo fiber which does not look like a true black to me as you can see as he sits next to the true black alpaca fiber badger  .
Wishing you all a lovely weekend .


  1. From a fellow photo-phobe I know how you feel - it's a nice photo though, no need to be shy!

    I agree about the black bamboo, I have thought that myself in the past, its more of a charcoal grey than black, maybe bamboo doesn't like black dye?! The clay claws are cool

  2. Very beautiful creatures. I thank you very much for visiting my blog.

  3. I hate pictures too, but I think you look great-we are always too hard on ourselves!

    I like the clay claws! Are they a fimo type clay?

  4. Thanks Kelly , the claws are a mix of black and dark brown FEMO and Sculpey . I still need to figure out how to make them look more translucent but these will work for now.



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