Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Needle felted American Badger and a few other tiny animals

 It's been a rough couple of weeks since I last posted . Although the therapy for the back and arm pain have not been a waste, I am still having arm weakness that makes felting difficult . I would say my productivity has dropped drastically (for me) .
 This past week off, I did manage to make 3 smaller critters, but I can generally knock off two mediums and a large in the same space of full time felting . It's very frustrating and having to continually stop to rest my arm ruins the wonderful rhythm of felting . 
 However, It has been good practice trying to work smaller and still retain the detail of my larger animals
 Above and below is another attempt to make a "real" animal . I spent some time googeling pictures of North American Badgers (there are several different types of badgers). I liked the idea of having black and white strips but it turned out harder to keep the strips from blending then I had realized .
 I ended up having to redo the face because my black and white ended up mixing to much, which may account for the project taking all last week . I still have to add claws and bought some FEMO but haven't gotten around to making them yet . Badgers have some really long , non-retractable claws for digging .
 I also did refurring of two of my older critters below . I added a layer of white Bamboo to the (lame) attempt at a polar bear cub and then reverse felted a nice long "fur" but it still doesn't look like a polar bear cub . Luckily, the other guy is just one of my imaginary animals so I don't have to be reminded of how much it doesn't look like whatever I wanted it to look like . I don't know why I keep attempting to make real animals when I end up just feeling disappointed .
One thing I am never disappointed in is how adorable my cat MAX is . It's so cool to know that I can make myself smile just by turning my head to look at him .

Hope everyone in Northern Hemisphere is enjoying the official beginning of spring . Happy felting .


  1. Beautiful all the work! I love to badger, looks like a living :)
    Best wishes,

  2. Thank You . He would look even more real holding one of your lovely flowers : )



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