Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A family of needle felt critters

 All these guys look like they could be from the same family . They are needle felted from the same basic mix of colonial and alpaca with a bit of pink merino . Just like real family though. they are far from identical .
 Their body positions are a bit different and each face has its own personality .
 The following three pics are the same guy from different angles to give a bit more perspective on their shape . In spite of the poor lighting, you can hopefully see what a difference the reverse barb needle makes in creating a nice long fur on each of these critters . Using the strong alpaca it is easy to create several inches of fur that is strongly secured . I actually brush them after felting to remove any broken hairs . Only the critter with the light brown tummy has the alpaca tacked into place instead of reverse felted and I wouldn't dare brush that . No matter how many hours I felt it in, a strong tug can remove a layer of tacked in locks  .I do think they make a great addition as nothing feels silkier then baby alpaca curls .

 I just bought another 50 of the reverse barb needles and if you haven't been able to find them....(they are hard to get a hold of), you can email this seller......Bobbie Ripperger

Happy felting


  1. Wow! Beautiful family! I love them all! :)

  2. Thank you ! That's very sweet of you and thanks for visiting . I always have my "favorites" but I'm glad they do not all look alike (at least to me) .

  3. Very beautiful work. I love the needlefelting. Thanks for visiting my blog as well. I have added your blog to my bloglist now. Keep up the great work.



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