Monday, January 2, 2012

Last of needle felt animals ..... 2011

 This is as close to a "real" looking critter that I have ever made . Reality has always come harder to me then fantasy ......(just ask my mother) . The egg is there to show size and offer my camera a white balance but the picture were taken indoors before sunset, so still not very good .

 All my felting is a mix of wool and alpaca with either Ingeo(white) or blends of alpaca and silk for the top layer and "furring" . I am completely sold on alpaca and silk blends for doing animal fur . It is so soft yet doesn't clump/mat like merino .
 I just finished the below guy last night and he took several days longer then usual because of the pain killers I was taking for my most recent tooth extraction . On the plus side, the stray needle pokes to my fingers didn't hurt as much : )

 I hate felting around wires but decided this guy needed wired toes....soooo, if you want to make his toes curl more, you have that option .

 Below feltie reminds me of a gold prospector and was probably unconsciously inspired from watching that Gold Rush show . I was never a fan of gold, but watching the miners destroy the environment makes me like it even less....yet, I find the show  compelling , go figure .

 This is probably my least favorite for the month but hopefully his soft Ingeo fur and big eyes will make him appealing to someone .

 Below are my only small critters for the month and strike me as rather "generic" compared to the larger critters . The only take a night to make but it's harder for me to give the little ones as interesting  posture or expressions . Or maybe I'm just bias because I like my critters to be an arm full and not just a handful ?

It's been a very long month . Continued health issues and removal of 3 teeth have resulted in a general lack of energy . It hasn't stopped my felting but has put a strain on my blogging .( If somethings got to give...the needle will be the last to go . )

I hope everyone else enjoyed their holidays and has many blessings for the new year .


  1. wowza! you should be working for Disney...

  2. Well, some of them are a bit to scary for Disney but it's the aspie focus that keeps me poking 20 hours on each animal .



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