Sunday, January 29, 2012

Needle felting with Bamboo....(yes you can !)and other experiments

 Still having a blast playing with creating fuzzy textures on my needle felt animals . This guy is my favorite for this past 2 week . Over the base of wool I added a nice thick layer of alpaca then a layer of silk and alpaca blend so when I used the reverse barb needle I got a long haired halo of alpaca "fur" . He is super soft and petable .
 On his back, I used several alternating layers of bamboo roving . I love the shine and softness of this stuffand it felts very firmly into the wool/alpaca sculpture .
 ....and this time it was my cat Baloo who decided to get into the photo shoot .
 Here's the whole crew .....
 Probably my least favorite , still working on my tendency to make grumpy animals .
 But his back is a lovely bamboo luster....(the tail belongs to my cat)
 It's a bit hard to see from the picture but I did reverse felt his face and limbs so he has a halo of alpaca fluff and the rest is alpaca and silk rooted to his front and back .
 I tried a more subtle color merino on this guys "skin"....burnt almond . I do like it for a more realistic look but still prefer the cartoonish "pink" for over all contrast with the brown critters .
Well, that's it for awhile. I have spent the past few days hunting down some more base fiber that is brown and doesn't cost $4 an ounce . Harder then you would think but I do have 9 pounds of brown alpaca winging it's way here soon .

Happy felting .


  1. Your felted animals are amazing! I think they look soulful,and a little bit sad-eyed but not grumpy. Great work!

  2. Thanks Val, I look forward to reading your sheep blog soon, looks like you have some great info about fiber .

  3. I love your animals! They look ... alive! You do absolutely amazing work, and I would love to hear about who each of them is! They remind me of something you might see in one of The Lord of The Rings movies. You are incredibly talented!!

  4. Thanks for visiting . I don't really base my critters on any specific fantasy or even look at pictures when I make them but I certainly am inspired by Dr Seuss, Jim Henson and Douglas Adams . I just try and make the animals I would like to see playing in my backyard forest .



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