Thursday, December 15, 2011

fuzzy feathery fur in needle felting

This guy reminds me of something you might see in Seussville . He took 4 days of felting, mostly because of all the Ingeo(white silky corn fiber) and alpaca/silk blended "fur" that I needled on the surface . I recently bought some alpaca roving and some golden dyed silk roving but don't own anything to blend them so just tried to take thin sections of each and layer them . The resulting "fur" reminds me more of feathers then fur but feels absolutely heavenly . I'm hoping that the thin layer of silk between the alpaca, will keep it form matting up over time .

I'ld be glad to do a tutorial on this if anyone is interested in trying it , just let me know in comments section .


  1. D, Your work just keeps improving, so skilled, so artistic. Please get up the courage to take it to a high level art gallery such as The Walker and get it shown. You are an amazing soft sculpture artist. Hope you are "discovered" soon. J

  2. Niezwykle słodkie oczy a pupka w tych kudełkach urocza.



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