Friday, December 9, 2011

new Fulji camera for needle felting photos...(thanks santa)

 Two new critters both with outer coats of alpaca and silk . Love the texture and have some more roving on the way . The smaller figure is 8" and his brother is 10" and wearing some fluffy leggings of Ingeo .
 These are my first pictures with my new Early Christmas present, a Fuji camera that I got for a great price during the cyber marathon shopping spree . I'm just playing with it for now but have ambitious plans to read the instruction book for it ....(that would be a first, I hate reading instructions since I learn better by watching someone or at the least observing pictures of the process .) I was impressed with the cameras tolerance of the low lighting night pictures .
 I also bought Coral paint shop photo editing software but still haven't learned to use it so these are still edited with the Picassa which is just such a simple and intuitive photo program .
That's it for now, been slowing down with the felting the past few weeks as I am literally running out of places to put my felting . I'm hoping this week will be a chance to get some descent pictures and list a few items on Etsy . Wish it had been in time for Christmas but maybe next year ?

Happy Holidays and good felting to all .

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