Sunday, November 20, 2011

Giving thanks for some weird new needle felt friends

I don't know "what" he is but I bet he would give good hugs with such long arms . He has a deep purple bottom and lots of super soft light brown alpaca and silk "fur" which takes forever to root in but feels so good . As you may have noticed, I also bought some giant eyes . He's about 12 inches tall and a pound or so of wool . (Not sure how accurate my scale is right now . )

It's not easy to tell from this picture, but this is my largest sculpture since my dragon . I think he would be about 3 feet tall if he were standing and is over 2 pounds of mixed wool, alpaca and of course Ingeo for the white hair rooted in . He took a little less then a week to make which is kind of ironic? because I always thought that the longer I felted the faster I would be able to make animals but it seems like I have just started making larger, more complex animals resulting in longer felting time .

This guy turned out a bit like a goatish troll with really long arms and fat little toes . His bearding and hair is the alpaca and silk blend that I have fallen in love with....(and will need to restock soon.)

 Above the below are my "normal" size critters with a mix of wool and alpaca . Again, I seem to have reverted to my psychotic and moppy looks on these .
 All the gang wishs you happy Thanksgiving and happy felting !


  1. They are gorgeous! I especially love the purple one and the goatish troll!

    Lovely furr on their faces!

    Love, Mattie

  2. OMG Krex these guys are absolutely amazing, they look so cute and cuddly i just want to grab hold of any one of them. So well Done :)

  3. Thanks for all the positive really makes the poked fingers worth it to know someone likes them
    : )



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