Friday, December 17, 2010

Layering wool and resists

Both of these scarves use a resist to separate bits of fiber from other bits of fiber to create layers . The one with the chiffon ruffles was an experiment to see if I could get a layered effect without sewing . I think it worked pretty good though I did have to keep readjusting my resists to keep them in place . The second attempt was after seeing several other bloggers doing "something" to create a layered look but I lost the blog that I first saw this effect.....(if your reading this send me a link so I can add it here if your OK with that ? ) . One thing I forgot to mention in the previous post is that I find it easier to do if you wet down the first layer of fiber(the light blue), before adding the resists and second layer of prefelt . I also lifted the resists between rolling and lightly rewet the fiber below them because the resists are water  proof . I think this will be my general rule when doing really thick felting where I add several layers of wool and embellishments, (especially silk ), so that the bottom layers get enough water.

Anyway, I think the first link below was a class that taught how to sew several layers alternating prefelt and resist then tearing away the resist after piece is felted . That sounded awfully fidgety for me so I just put the resist in between the laid out fibers of the base piece and the prefelt I had made previously and kept checking that it stayed in place after I opened it between rollings . The resist moved very little, so no problems if your prefelt is spread out as I did but probably wouldn't work if you wanted them direct on top of each other . (I'm still waiting for some sunshine here to get pictures of my completed fabric ).  I thought I was making a "gilled" scarf but ended with something far to thick to make a comfortable scarf so it will probably be cut up and made into a bag .

I think the layered and sewn prefelt/resist is how the scarves were made on the following link but I don't speak Spanish....(I barely speak English) .

Here is another one of my favorite felters take on this.....I'm not sure how she did hers .

Click on this will be inspired !!!
Anyone else wanting to add a link of an example let me know .

I also wanted to say that I think the felting community is one of the most open to sharing techniques of just about any group of crafters out in blog land . Almost everything I learned about needle and wet felting, I learned from other felters who were willing to share their own experiments on line . How uncapitalist of us . Aren't we supposed to guard our trade secrets and sell them ? Well, some do keep their cards close to the vest and I have no problem with that either but I still think the amount of sharing is amazing and am happy to be a part of this community where the joy of learning and experimenting are valued above mere commerce .

I do hope to have some of my own recent experiments up tomorrow....if I could just get a bit of sun for photos .

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