Monday, August 24, 2009

Alien fruit and Sleestak crysalis..experiment in texture

Above are two pineapple sized "alien fruit" . My main objective with this experiment was to see how different fibers reacted to different times/amount of needle felting . I wanted to explain how I did this but am finding it difficult to explain . I think I will have to do a picture tutorial on my next week off . Regaurdless, I did learn something myself about how different the end result texture of the 100% Merino and the Merino and Tencil blends reacted to felting . (Tencil is on the left and has much more texture of individuals "hair" , while the merino appears to puff up and looks more like human skin) . It might help to click on the above pictures to see the difference better . I think it gives me a better idea of different alien skins I want to work on .

The three pictures above, while not very "attractive", are just large Sleestak crysalis, (from theLand of the Lost) . The next in the series will be a baby Sleestak . Might eventually get around to doing the whole life span if I dont get bored or to ADD before then .


  1. You work such magic with your wonderful colours. I must learn how to needle felt.

  2. Thank You Jasmine . I really love it so much and think it is a very therapeutic process to watch the color emerge and merge the longer you felt . It's a bit like water color painting in slow motion...very fun stuff !



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