Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm allergic to wool but I watched a cool video on felting and decided to give it a shot. I already had some felting needles that I bought to make my fur dog out of dog fur....(still haven' attempted that), and had some old wool sweaters that my bf never wears. I started by welt felting the sweaters in hot water and soap for two cycles and they came out really nice but I'm not sure how thick is "normal"...this are about the the thickness of a nickle . I cut the arms off at the shoulder, they are a bit long but can be trimmed to size since they are fully felted . I then took some wool yarns I have bought on Etsy and OnePlanet fibers and put them on the sleeves and needle felted them in place . Granted, not the most inspired design, but I just wanted to see how felting "felt" and how long it took . The answer is..a long time . I think I spent about 10 hours on the needle felting but it may have taken longer because I was working with thick yarn instead of thinner roving .

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it . Something about the sound and feel of the needle was really mesmerizing and I only lost a few drops of blood . I found the whole process enjoyable and look forward to getting some roving to felt when I can afford it . I think this has a lot of potential for further experimenting . I think I can use the yarn technique to outline designs and "write" cool messages in the fiber. I think the wet felting material would make interesting journal covers because it is so thick, I just need to figure out how to get it "book shaped" and then sew in the pages .

To many ideas, to little time .
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  1. Cute!

    I saw your post on EtsyMN--will you be doing the Beadbury show this Dec.?

    I do needlefelting too! I am allergic to wool but it doesn't seem to bother me unless I do it for a loooong time! :-)
    Sarah :)

  2. So sorry not to respond earlier. I have been "off the blog" the past few weeks.

    I don't do shows as I am much to shy. I keep hoping one day to over come it but, hasn't happened yet .

    Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog. I plan on doing much more needle felting, I was suprised how much I enjoyed it and now I'm hooked . I just finished some needle felting necklaces I will post soon, they were really fun and my next project is some scarves with Barada Nikto felted into them .



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