Monday, December 22, 2008

Existential Crisis or How I lost my mind on the internet

The Internet is so amazing, but then again many think the same about crack cocaine and I know enough to stay away from that . But the Internet is a socially sanctioned addiction that actually does have some redeeming value when used in moderation...a lot like food.

I am however, not a moderate person. Being aspie, moderation is actually not my forte' at all . So instead of listing all the new craft items I have been making at work so they would be there for Christmas shoppers, instead of blogging, instead of cleaning the house....I have been "researching" on the Internet . I think I added another 100 bookmarks to my current 800...and no, I can't ever find them when I am looking for something specific so the whole exercise is one in futility . Does that realization stop me....hardly . To quote an aspie friend..."I sure can be stupid for a smart person."

So what have a been researching, pray-tell....uterine tumor treatment options, lots of book binding, gold leaf gilding, tons of aspie sites, wool and felting process, art supplies, book binding supplies, pictures of Emu, Donkey pictures, alternative communities, alternative energy supplies, land sales prices, paper making, other tutorials, homeless bloggers and the correct spelling for Barada Nikto,( the command to Gort to deactivate is attack on case your wondering) their method in my madness . Once apon a time there was.
There was a limited amount of information that I had access to and I would seek it out, analyze the pertinent data and make a decision. But with the Internet, that supply of information is an almost unlimited and one discovery leads to a new interests, new ideas new theories and hypothesis and further research needed. Vicious cycle .

Just like food, I can not completely "cold turkey" my way out of this addiction. A brain has to eat after all and selling on line and the fact that this is my only form of socializing, requires that I maintain an Internet connection. I could? and most definitely should, learn to limit the intake however. Maybe a diet free of google like an Atkins diet free of pasta ? The very thought makes me shudder but I know if I don't do something soon...I am not going to be able to fit in my winter hat with all these pounds of added information .

I just have to go check my email and then I'm going to clean the house...maybe.

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