Wednesday, February 27, 2013

mohair and alpaca reversed felted animals

 Above and below are my latest creations . I actually bought some pink eyelashes for the big guy . They are both wearing some of my latest "bling" .
 Both are made using alpaca and mohair and reverse felted . I actually bought some nice brown mohair which I hope to get this week . I really love the way the mohair reverse felts as it is such strong fiber and makes such nice long fur .
 Of course, Max showed up as soon as the camera came out . We got him at the local shelter and I really wonder if he wasn't a show cat in his previous life . Next to him are two of my older animals that I reverse felted to make them fluffy . I think the grey guy is shetland and the other is a mohair mix .

 Belwo is Max's best friend and much shier brother < balhoo . He rarely stays still so this kind of pose is pretty rare . 

Happy felting .

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