Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Fuzzy make-overs and a few needle felt new animals

These are my only new animals this past week . That isn't to say that I have been totally lazy . I did spend a lot of time on-line looking for more wool sources and I designed new tags for my animals , both projects I hope to share in the next few days .To give a bit of size perspective, I measured the black box behind them and it is 12" long and 8" high .

 Before my new wool arrived, I also did several make-overs of some of my older needle felts . I think I feel much better about selling them now, as I fixed some very basic mistakes using some better quality materials then I started with and made them much furrier . I wanted to do a before and after make-over post but am not patient enough to look through all my pictures to find the originals . Some things are harder to fix then others but I think they are all improved in some ways .

I think there may have been a few others but these were the most noticeable make-overs . I still have about a  hundred old ones I want to make fuzzy, but for now, I can't wait to get my hands in my new fiber and create a few new friends .

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