Friday, April 29, 2011

Craft fair and blogger being uncooperative : (

I keep trying to post a link to the craft fair I will be at next week AND the poster for the show but the blog is not cooperating..... so please view this and following post as one post . (Dang technologies !)

Here is the facebook page if you would like to find out more about the organizations sponsoring this show and what they are raising money for . ......

I've been working hard to get some of my items ready and am terrified about participating...mostly due to my social and driving phobias but am determined to follow through as I think it is a good cause and I did make the commitment .

Besides this sale, I will  hopefully be selling at Shepherds Harvest Mothers-day Weekend....I enrolled to late to get a booth, so am sharing one with my friend Eileen of "Knot all That"...she is a spinner and will have spinning wheels and supplies as well as a bit of her own handspun yarn...always yummy stuff . 

It is painful to have to take a felting break to try and organize my things to attend these events but unless I want to end up buried in my own wool creations....(which doesn't sounds that bad to me), I need to start sharing a bit of it .

Wish me luck and I hope to be back to playing with wool and sharing some tutorials about making "marketing items", like labels and tags, starting the middle of May . Wish me luck and if your in the area, come visit me at the shows .

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