Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bunnies and friends needle felted to celibrate Spring

 Happy Easter , Passover or spring solstice, which ever is your proclivity .

I most often make critters that  could not be identified in nature... cat body with gopher face and bunny feet, etc . This time I actually tried my best to make a couple bunnies ....perhaps you can find 2 in this picture . Granted, they are still no totally anatomically correct and more cartoonish then natural but I think they are more bunny-ish then not .
 The other two animals..(each sitting next to their bunny friends)... are just my traditional "critters", fitting no specific classification but doing there best to look lovable . All animals are a mix of merino, alpaca with just a touch of white angora cat hair on both bunny tummies .

 Above and below is my latest table topper with yellow and blue silk fibers, blue mohair curls and black, teal and red merino . I actually made an attempt at creating a "pattern" which is pretty rare for me but I do like the result . No size reference in the picture but they are about 4' by 3'(just guessing).
 Above close-up and I'm Loving the mohair and plan on using much more of that in the near future .
 I took two sets of photos to see the different lighting in mid-afternoon light and shade to see which was more "true' color . Any suggestions on which you prefer?
 This is the reverse side with out silk or mohair  embellishments .
 Above and below are pictures of my "failed" attempt to felt in some nylon meshing which seemed like a cool idea but resulted in poor felting and all the fibers being hidden by the tan and blue netting , so it had to be removed . At least not a complete loss as the nylon pulled off with some effort and I finished felting for a table runner or bag to sew up later .
 I saved the netting and will be using it for something not involving felting .

Below is the sans-netting result with lots of silk and thick layers of merino  which should be a good cushioning for a computer bag.
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend with family, friends or wool . We are headed to The Old Country Buffet to enjoy an Easter dinner .

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  1. Zajączki świetne.
    Wesołych świąt. U nas w Polsce celebruje się śniadanie. Mam nadzieję, że obiad był udany.



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